Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beauty All Around

Today was a gorgeous fall day, even the clouds made it all the more picturesque. These are pictures of the two swans that live at my university. Their names are Gwenevier and Lancelot and Lake Lavern is their home. Every day when I walk by the lake I'm inspired by their graceful beauty. Something about swans... especially these two with their mythic love is... lovely. And that's a picture of me cruising town with my sweet heels on, I felt very European, for all the girls I saw in European cities cruise around on their bikes and Vespas wearing sky-high heels and beautiful dresses. Buuuut it was a little difficult walking around the lake with my heels sinking into the mud, but the swans appreciated my attempt at gracefulness ;)


  1. Love the color scheme you chose, all chill and gaia like...really fits

    also you're a fantastic writer; and G&L and their mythos have always been one of the nicest things about central campus.

    good luck with your adventures in influence through blogging, haha

  2. Love you, sweet girl, keep on blogging. <3